The aim of the 9th International Conference of the Chemical Societies of the South-Eastern European Countries on «Chemistry a Nature Challenger» is to bring scientists from the South-Eastern European Countries together for an improvement of mutual relations as well as an enhancement of scientific co-operation in the field of basic and applied chemical research. The quality of the conference is enhanced particularly by the participation of a large number of distinguished chemists and scientists from all the South-Eastern European countries and the international scientific community.


Chairman: Sorin Roşca (Romania)


Chairman: Gheorghiţa Jinescu (Romania)



BG: Venko Beschkov

CYP: Leontios Philotheou

BG: Dimitri Tsalev

CY: Constantina Kapnisi

GR: Nasos Papadopoulos

NMK: Zoran Zdravkovski

GR: Victoria Samanidou

NMK: Viktor Stefov

ME: Zeljko Jacimovic

RO: Bogdan Simionescu

ME: Zeljko Jacimovic

RO: Michaela Dina Stanescu

RS: Vesna Miskovic-Stankovic


RS: Igor Opsenica


The meeting will be hosted by the Valahia University of Targoviste and University Politehnica of Bucharest in collaboration with Chemical Societies of the South-Eastern European Countries: Union of Chemists in Bulgaria, Pancyprian Union of Chemists, Association of Greek Chemists, Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia, Chemical Society of Montenegro, Romanian Chemical Society, and Serbian Chemical Society.

The following topics will be covered:

-        Inorganic chemistry and technology, inorganic materials and metallurgy

-        Organic chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry

-        Analytical and environmental chemistry

-        Physical, structural chemistry, spectroscopy and electrochemistry

-        Polymers and polymer materials

-        Biotechnology and food technology

-        Chemical engineering

-        Applied electrochemistry

-        Textile engineering

-        Education

-        Food Chemistry


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Prof. Corneliu Radu 
e-mail: v_radu@chim.upb.ro