Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Research Center in Social Sciences

Research fields
  • Theoretical and applied scientific research activities in the fields of research center;
  • Organizing national and international scientific events (congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars etc.);
  • Participation in national and international scientific events;
  • Initiating and participation in academic research at national and international level;
  • Attracting programs and financial sources with the aim of developing the proposed research activities through research projects and contracts;
  • Association with research structures with object of activity in the same field of the CCSS.
Laboratories and equipment

Laboratory Research Center in Social Sciences.
  • Work stations;
  • Multifunctionals;
  • Video projectors;
  • Intelligent blackboards;
  • Software Solutions suitable for research fields.
Scientific results
  • Scientific papers published in ISI Journals: 110;
  • Scientific papers published in journals indexed in International Databases: 270;
  • Scientific papers published in CNCSIS journals type B: 137;
  • Books in CNCSIS recognized publishers: 74;
  • Books in international publishers: 2.
  • Universite du Littoral Cote d’Opale (ISCID-ESCIP);
  • Politehnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Business Management;
  • Universite Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier;
  • Mihail Kogalniceanu University of Iasi;
  • Universite Catholique de Bertoua;
  • Center of Industry and Services Economy
  • Alecu Russo Balti State University of Moldova.
Scientific activities
  • Implementation of the new civil procedure code and design civil court jurisdiction;
  • Revision of the Romanian Constitution
  • Mediation - Procedure prior to the court and notarial activity;
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation. Legal issues.