Friday, September 22, 2023
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Center for Research and Studies in Management and Marketing

Research field
  • Economy, Management, Marketing;
  • Macroeconomic policies and strategies;
  • Economy and territorial development;
  • Business administration of small and
  • medium-sized enterprises;
  • Workforce market;
  • Strategical management;
  • Change management;
  • The enterprise economy;
  • Intercultural management;
  • Market research.
Laboratories and equipments

Laboratory Center for research and studies in management and marketing.
  • Work stations;
  • Multifunctionals;
  • Video projectors;
  • Intelligent blackboards;
  • Software Solutions suitable for research fields.
Research project
  • „Développement durable, responsabilité sociale, culture et performance d’entreprise”;
  • „Universitaires Roumains, Managers Européens”;
  • „Structuration sectorielle de l’emploi et l’impact de la mondialisation”;
  • „Tendencias del management internacional en la economía del conocimiento – el papel del capital intelectual en la gobernabilidad corporativa”;
  • Passport to trade P2T 2;
  • Evaluation System of the influence of stress on productivity in the firms from Romanian economic environment;
  • Determinants of labor market insertion of higher education graduates in Romania;
  • Forecasts of Occupations in Romania in the new economy.
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety Research and Development;
  • National Scientific Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection;
  • INCE, Center for Industrial Economics and Services; University of Nantes;
  • University of Castilla-La Mancha;
  • Universite Paris XII Val-de-Marne;
  • Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers;
  • University of Salford.
Scientific results
  • Articles published in index magazines ISI: 13;
  • Articles published in ISI Proceedings: 88;
  • Articles published in Romanian and international magazines, indexed BDI, B: 158;
  • International research contracts: 3;
  • National research contracts: 3;
  • Books which appeared in international prestige publishing companies: 10;
  • Books which appeared in national publishing companies: 45;
  • Papers published in the international/national conference proceedings: 94.
Scientific activities
  • Initiating and developing studies of fundamental research in the domain of economic theory;
  • Knowing the economic phenomena, scientific testing of some theories, patterns, intelligent performance management systems;
  • Elaborating case studies, analyses , field research papers regarding the economic, technical, administrative and functional issues in enterprise management;
  • Market orientation of the Research and Applied Management and Marketing Studies Center;
  • Editing and distributing informative bulletins and documentary syntheses, study notebooks, and other publications.