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Research Center "Applied Sciences and Modern Technologies

Research fields:
  • Physical, chemical and structural characterisation of matter;
  • Monitoring of environmental quality and environmental radioactivity;
  • Analytical control of animal and vegetable products;
  • Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter;
  • Interaction of LASER radiation with matter.
Laboratories and equipments:
Laboratory Research Center "Applied Sciences and Modern Technologies".
  • WDXRF spectrometer;
  • EDXRF spectrometer;
  • Portable Gamma spectrometer;
  • Hydraulic press;
  • ICP-MS Spectometer;
  • Sputtering deposition;
  • RIE - reactive - ion etching;
  • Atomic force microscope - AFM.
Scientific results:
Papers in journals with impact factor: 177;
Paper indexed in BDI: 102;
Books: 15;
Citations: 784

Research projects:
  • UVT - JINR projects
  • Heavy metal pollution of the Dambovita County, Romania, studied by nuclear and related analytical techniques;
  • Investigation of foodstuffs, environment and nanomaterials by nuclear and related analytical techniques;
  • Nuclear and related techniques for environmental and life sciences;
  • Network of excellence for quality environment control and reducing the impact of pollutants in the central and southern of Romania – EXMED;
  • High precision and sensitivity techniques applied in biomonitoring networks of environmental pollution from developing areas south, southeast and central Romania – TIPSARMER;
  • RDI Development - Multidisciplinary Research Institute for Science and Technologies – ICSTM;
  • Physico-chemical bases of fitomining in contaminated geological and technological
  • mediums – FITOMIN;
  • Capacity studies of the macromycete ubiquitous species for heavy and rare metals absorption with the aim to use it as bioindicators and bioaccumulators in environmental biotechnologies

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Rusia;
Sofia University, Bulgaria;
Istanbul University, Turkey;
University of Western Brittany, Brest, France;
University of Bucharest;
“Dun─ârea de Jos” University of Galati;
“Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi;
Transilvania University of Brasov;
Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and
Nuclear Engineering - IFIN HH, Magurele;
National Research Institute for Material Physics,
National Research Institute for Electrical
Engineering (ICPE-CA).


Scientific activities:

International Conference on Analytical Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry for a Better Life;
Chemistry National Conference - Science and Education for Sustainable Development;
The 3rd Joint seminar JINR-Romania on Neutron physics for investigations of nuclei, condensed matter and life sciences;
European School on Magnetism - Time - dependent phenomena in magnetism;
2nd National Conference “Applied sciences in environmental and materials study