Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Interdisciplinary Research Center Science-Faith-Mission of “St. Paul”

Research fields
  • Theology;
  • The relation religion-science;
  • Ecclesiology-ecumenism;
  • The exact sciences and their impact on life and religion;
  • Humanities;
  • History and socio-cultural studies;
  • Psychology and behavioral sciences;
  • Ecology and bioethics.
Laboratories and equipment

Laboratory Interdisciplinary Research Center Science-Faith-Mission of “St. Paul”.
  • Manuscripts;
  • Rare books;
  • Work stations;
  • Multifunctionals;
  • Video projectors;
  • Intelligent blackboards;
  • Software Solutions suitable for research.
Scientific results
  • Scientific papers published in journals indexed in International Databases: 123;
  • Scientific papers published in CNCSIS journals: 48;
  • Books and chapters published in CNCSIS recognized publishers: 35.
  • Targoviste Archdiocese;
  • “Ioan Gura de Aur” Theological Seminary.
Scientific activities
  • Premises and the Need for a Dialogue between Science and Religion;
  • Truth and Knowledge in the Present Theological and Scientific Research regarding the Human Life and Person;
  • Man, from Natural to Artificial;
  • Faith and Science in support of Environmental Protection;
  • Perspectives of religion and science on the knowledge of the Truth in a pluralistic culture Globalization, Religion and Education;
  • Repentance and Eucharist, Testimony and Martyrdom. The Brancoveanu Family and the Sense of the Human Existence in the Contemporary World.