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Biotechnology and Applied Engineering Sciences Center

Research field
  • Biotechnology and specific Bio Techniques;
  • Food science;
  • Control and food expertise;
  • Food safety;
  • Control of food processing;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Monitoring environmental components;
  • Biotechnology for environmental protection;
  • Decontamination technologies for contaminated territories;
  • Modeling;
  • Simulation and optimization in environmental protection;
  • Industrial Engineering.
Laboratories and equipment

Laboratory Biotechnology and Applied Engineering Sciences Center.
  • Atomic absorbtion spetrometre (ZEEnit model 700);
  • Chromatograph HPLC;
  • Spectrophotometer uv-vis-nir (Jasco v 670 model);
  • Spectrophotometer Lange dr 2800;
  • Water purificator easypure rodi for HPLC;
  • Automated digesty system with microwave (speed wave mws-2);
  • Monitoring system for particulate matter (pm) - portable.
Research projects
  • Project financed by European Economic Area (EEA): Towards a better protection of children against air pollution threats in the urban areas of Romania, (acronym ROKIDAIR), contract no. 20SEE/30.06.2014;
  • Researches about new type of juices and their evaluation with intelligent modeling, Program 3 - Ideas, CNCSIS 1359/2008;
  •  “Food for Life” National Platform, Program Capacities, Module 2, Contract no. 36/2007;
  • Determination of some plants accommodation in different culture areas Contract no.51-033/18.09.2007 Program 4 – Partnerships.
Scientific results
  • Scientific papers published in ISI Journals: 65;
  • Scientific papers published in journals indexed in International Databases: 155;
  • Scientific papers published in CNCSIS journals: 118;
  • Books published in CNCSIS recognized publishers: 2006 (5 books), 2007 (6 books), 2008 (9 books), 2009 (6 books), 2010 (5 books), 2011 (12 books), 2012 (4 books), 2013 (5 books).
  • National Institute of Research and Development for
  • Food Bioresources, Bucharest;
  • University of Molise, Italy (Faculty of Agriculture);
  • Norwegian Institute for Air Quality Research;
  • Department of Land Improvement and Environmental Engineering, USAMV Bucharest;
  • University "Dunarea de Jos" Galati, Research Center BIOALIMENT;
  • University of Craiova; National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management, Bucharest;
  • Research Institute Stefanesti – Arges;
  • Experimental Research Institute Banu-Maracine.
Scientific activities
  • Symposium “Environmental Protection and Food Safety - Priorities and Perspectives”;
  • Thematic workshop , Professional and Cross-disciplinary Key Skills of Higher Education in the Field of Environmental Engineering and Food Industry in the Context of Romania's integration into the European Research Area;
  • Scientific Symposium : New Challenges to the Romanian Scientific Research Areas in Environmental Engineering and Food Science;
  • Thematic Conference of Research Project Towards a better protection of children against air pollution threats in the urban areas of Romania.